Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seasonal "24" Ulcer - Pt. 7

Ode To Jack

"Damn It!" Jack yelled, as the clock ticked along,
Having discovered the terrorists and canisters were gone.

Ivan is killed, by the new head terrorist, it's true,
And then, for good measure, they kill some other guys too.

One guy escapes, and calls Audrey at CTU,
But be careful Lynne doesn't see, he's gone a little Coo-Coo.

Lynne calls his sister, demanding his key card,
How about sending the cops over? You nard.

The President is bribed, and throws a mini-fit,
Ultimately he helps the terrorists plan a hit.

Jack takes out Curtis. What the hell did he do to you?
But we all know that Jack has a job to do.

He hijacks the car and drives off to the phone,
But quickly finds out his contact isn't alone.

With a single gun (not an automatic!), he takes out a chopper,
His contact his killed, too late for a doctor.

Secretive files are found on a chip,
While Chloe decodes it, Buchanan gets in shit.

The Russian President is sent out like sheep to slaughter,
"Not on my watch!", says the First Lady. She's a nutter.

Now, Toni Almeida, what happened to him?
Agent Wolfe? Palmer's brother? And Jack's daughter Kim?

Watch, and we'll learn a little more next week,
As "24" takes us to new, ulcer-inducing peaks.