Friday, January 27, 2006

The Cult

Love this band, another influence from the Steel sisters. An often overlooked outfit, The Cult was a hard hitting, fist pumping rock band, somewhere between heavy metal and post punk goth. Forget the definitions, they rocked. Ian Astbury's voice is one of the best metal/rock voices around. These three albums are all you really need, the band went through many changes throughout the course of their career, and these are the top choice. If you like GnR, AC DC, The Doors, or just like the sound of Arena Rock, grab these.

The Cult - Love

The Cult - Electric

The Cult - Sonic Temple Pt.1, Pt.2

10 Worst Movie Posters of 2005, Part Two


It looks like 2006 is the year of the once a week post, I will try to move faster but work is killing me… anyways, onto the 5 worst posters of 2005.

5: Doom

I fucking love the Rock. I think the Rundown and Walking Tall are two of the best action films of the past five years, and basically think except for the Mummy series the Rock has done no wrong (even in that shit movie Be Cool the Rock kicked ass). I didn’t go to see Doom. That is just wrong. I see A LOT of movies, and I really like stupid movies, but something about Doom rubbed me the wrong way from the very beginning. Oh yeah, another thing about me, I loved the videogame Doom – with the exception of Castle Wolfenstein, I can say that Doom was the first videogame I loved. Why didn’t I see this movie? Because it’s campaign did everything it could to make me not want to see this movie – like having stupid ass posters like the above. I actually like the gun in the front of the poster – it promises me that they will be faithful to the videogame and have some pretty bad ass camera shots (even if they might make me sick)… but the rest of this poster sucks. The crosshairs surrounding the alien don’t even make sense (just ask Dean Hardcore). The alien looks like a cheap ass and slow version of the alien from the Alien series – are you kidding me? The Alien movies are sci-fi royalty; you can’t just use that image as if nobody is going to notice it. I know Doom takes place in hell, but the red they chose looks more like McDonalds red than anything mean. “Hell Breaks Loose” is an ass-tagline that makes me think of the Rock in Kindergarten Cop. Now look at that Silent Hill poster. It’s not flaunting that it is a videogame, but it stays faithful to the mood of the videogame. Really it is just creepy as fuck, and that’s all it should be. This is already in the running for 2006 Poster of the Year.

4: Fun with Dick and Jane

I really don’t know why I hate this poster so much, but I REALLY, REALLY hate it. I don’t really have any rational reason, and that’s what stops it from being higher on my list, but I rally think this could be the poster I hate the most this year. To preserve my integrity I left it as the fourth worst movie poster of the year. I’ve thought about this a lot and all I can come up with is that Jim Carrey can get away with that goofy smile/smirk that he has on, Tea Leoni can not. In fact, in this poster Tea Leoni looks like the worst actor in the history of film (and I liked her in Flirting with Disaster a lot). I am getting angry so I am just going to talk about how great that Raising Arizona poster is. Everything about this poster is amazing. I love Nicholas Cage’s hair. I love the Polaroid look. I love their fucking lawnchairs. I love the baby’s sunglasses. I love how Holly Hunter’s hair is in a towel. I love the cheesy neon colouring of the title treatment. I love the tagline(s). Okay, I have calmed down a little and now I can move on.

3: Flightplan

You know, I never thought about it before, but after thinking long and hard about my hatred for the Fun with Dick and Jane poster and then getting angry when I looked at this poster maybe I really don’t like clenched teeth... interesting. Anyways, this poster is trying to cash in on Jodie Foster’s (yeah, Jodie-mazzafakking-Foster) star power because there is nothing else to really go on. It does say Flightplan so you assume it’s about a plan, but it could be an Airport, there is no idea. And what’s with her face? She has beautiful piercing eyes, and she is definitely not happy, but is she sad? Confused? Horny? Also, once you figure out Jodie Foster is on a plane, doesn’t the movie become exactly like Panic Room? All in all a weak poster. The Red-Eye poster is not amazing, but I think it is scary and bold in that it doesn’t flaunt Rachel McAdams (who is much nicer to look at than Jodie Foster). I also really like the font they use for the tagline (which is okay, the title basically is a kick ass tagline) and the actors names. This whole campaign was awkward to watch, but overall really well done.

2: Because of Winn Dixie

I think this is some sort of ‘celebrated best-selling’ book, but I have never heard of it before this movie came out, but then again I am not an American so I don’t really know what’s up with the US educational system. I like dogs a lot, but I hate this dog. I hate its perky ears and human-like smirk. I really hate how that dog is worth more money than me right now. Jeff Daniels… you were THE fucking Dude, and now you end up in this movie – Disney better have some pretty fucked up pictures of you or I will not be able to forgive you for this. Remember, it’s not all about the money, the dude abides. The little girl sitting in front of Jeff Daniels looks creepy in the Dakota Fanning “I’m-an-adult-but-I-am-less-than-ten” kind of way that I am sure will creep the shit out of me if I am ever kidnapped and forced to watch this movie or I will have my eyes cut out. I don’t care if that isn’t Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews band (or if it is), I have come to hate everyone whose name is Dave Matthews. I couldn’t find a good comparison poster so I chose a Pee-Wee poster because Pee-Wee kicks ass.

1: House of D

Wow. They are so wildly off base in this campaign that I couldn’t even come up with a comparison poster that made sense. I can’t say anything more about this poster because I just threw up all over my keyboard.

P.S. I hate Robin Williams

Make Love*...*The Bruce Campbell Way Disc 2

Howard Stern: 1-26-06

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Prison Songs

Haven't seen the movie but love the man. Had a request from Lady Jay this morning for a little Johnny Cash, or cowboy music as she called it. Hope y'all can dig it.

Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash - Inside a Swedish Prison

Make Love*...* the Bruce Campbell Way

Perhaps this incredible photo will inspire Frank Steel to do an article on head shots. This is a near perfect example. Look at the intensity in his eyes, burning through perfectly sculpted eyebrows. The intensity is offset by a glint which suggests mystery. He is wearing the standard black shirt, so as to not distract from the facial features, obviously a real turtle neck would be better, but a mock turtle still says thespian. The hair has great body, and looks solid like a helmet. A deliberate choice was made here to use the 3/4 profile, thus accentuating his dominating chin and jaw line. All these elements combine to create a lasting impression, this guy screams leading man, but he could also play villain. This is a top shelf headshot, guaranteed to make a splash on any producer's desk. But the knock-out punch is the beam of light emanating from the top left corner of the pic. Not only do the lines of light suggest movement, speed, this is the fastest actor you'll ever see, they also wash over the actor bathing him in an angelic light. In fact the whole presentation suggest that this actor has emerged from the light, cut through the darkness, and he is here for your salvation should you choose to accept it...This actor is none other than Bruce Campbell.Not only has Bruce had an incredible career (check his website for credentials) as an actor he is also a successful novelist. His first novel, "If Chins Could Kill" his a hilarious autobiography of the trials and tribulations of his life and career as a B-Movie actor. I haven't heard/read this new one yet, but I imagine this is going to be even better than his first. Read by Bruce Campbell himself I present the first disk of...

Make Love*The Bruce Campbell Way

Howard Stern: 1-25-06

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ween Wednesday Pt.5

The last posting for Ween Wednesday, I hope it has been educational and enlightening. This is Ween's most recent album, great of course. Today, I'm a man of few words so I'll let the music talk for itself.

Theatre of the New Ear

Not really an audio book, officially titled a "sound play", this is great stuff. Developed by the Coen Bros. and Composer Carter Burwell, the production is comprised of two very unique stories. "Sawbones" by the Coens, and "Hope Leaves the Theatre" by Charlie Kaufman, both amazing, enjoy!

Howard Stern: 1-24-06

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Autumn Thunder...In January

The Autumn Wind
"The Autumn wind is a pirate
Blustering in from sea
With a rollicking song he sweeps along
Swaggering boisterously
His face is weather beaten
He wears a hooded sash
With his silver hat about his head
And a bristly black moustache
He growls as he storms the country
A villain big and bold
And the trees all shake and quiver and quake
As he robs them of their gold
The Autumn wind is a Raider
Pillaging just for fun
He'll knock you 'round and upside down
And laugh when he's conquered and won"

Although not a Raider's fan I appreciate the glory captured in this famous NFL Films poem. It's that time of year again, with the Superbowl less than 2 weeks away, now is the time to bask in the glory that is football. I don't want to talk about this years playoffs, this post is about the myth that is the NFL. The myth that has been captured and propagated by the incredible NFL Films. The incredible (often slow motion) footage can make every play and epic battle to the death between good and evil. NFL Films elevated the sport to something larger than life, beautiful and savage, a dance or pure destruction. A big part of emotional punch was due to the music. AMAZING music, and this collection spans the entire catalogue. From the classic marching tunes to funky soul in the 70's, there is something for everyone. If nothing else it will get you fired up for football, I guarantee it. So to prep for the upcoming Superbowl, here is my greatest torrent find yet...The complete box set of Music from NFL Films: Autumn Thunder.

Autumn Thunder:
40 Years of NFL Films Music

The Anansi Boys: Disc 8

Howard Stern: 1-23-06

Seasonal “24” Ulcer - Part 3

Okay. So, I was wrong. It’s not about nuclear weapons at all. It’s about biohazard-weapons. I just figured with the signing of the Treaty, that it would be a good tie-in. But, I suppose that’s why I’m not a writer for “24”, I’m just a viewer.
And trust me, it’s a hard job to do! Watching this show is like nothing else I experience in my life. At no other time do I feel the anxiety, nervousness and arousal that I do when watching Jack and his team fight terrorists. I had several moments last night when I felt like pulling my hair out, and below are my top four.
1) Cummings makes mention of an insider working at CTU who will “take care of” Jack Bauer. Don’t tell me this and then go to a three minute commercial break! What are you trying to do to me?! Putting aside the fact that I absolutely loathe the President at this point - at least he’s not trying to kill Jack. However, this finally sheds light on who the enemy is. In Jack’s words, “I’ll get Cummings myself.” I bet you will Jack - I bet you will.
2) Wolfe Spencer… Spencer Wolfe - whatever this guy’s name is, I find it fitting. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Very ironic. Nice choice of character name. At one moment I felt bad for him last night, when Chloe went on one of her insane rants about how she knows everything and everyone else is stupid. Especially men. I mean, has anyone else noticed this? Tip Chloe: If you want a gentleman caller to call again, you’re better off trying to tempt him with compliments about his manhood, and not tell him what a child he is. I’m no expert… I’m just suggesting. You get more flies with honey than vinegar…that’s all. And then the very next moment I hate Spencer because HE’S THE MOLE!
3) The Love Triangle. I’m sure that this will play out in a way that will both repulse and annoy me. I’m all for Jack getting some action, but I certainly don’t want to watch him battle over which of these two whiny, dependent women he’ll end up with. Hopefully someone will die, in order to make the choice easier for him. He’s got terrorists to stop - he doesn’t need this kind of distraction right now.
4) Did you play the game? I won this week too. I assumed that since Jack was being taken to CTU, that he wouldn’t have a chance to kill anyone. Boy was I wrong! Did you catch those last ten minutes when the gun-tooting IT terrorist and Jack had a brawl? And then Jack got kicked in the ribs (“I think he broke my rib!” and yet he keeps on going!), and then he stabbed that guy in the throat with surgical scissors!!! Effing scissors my friend. Very hot. Very hot and resourceful. Play along next week - I bet he offs at least two guys.
In closing, it’s looks like my favorite one-woman-crazy show is at it again. My beloved First Lady. I don’t know about you, but a trip to Vermont doesn’t sound all that bad to me. But, apparently my bitch ain’t goin’ down like that. She got all wily and jumped out the window of her bathroom. Pretty good for a broad in her fifties. Honestly, just when I think I’ve found all the admiration I can muster for this lady, she goes and skips out on her husband. The freakin’ President of the United States! He’s so horrendous that she jumps out a window, in order to avoid being near him.
If only we could all do the same.

~ Sassafrass

Monday, January 23, 2006

Yann Tiersen les Retrouvailles

Some more Yann, to listen to while smoking Gauloise cigarettes and drinking Pernod. Short and sweet, here you are.

Yann Tiersen - Les Retrouvailles

Yann Tiersen - The Black Session

The Anansi Boys: Disc 7

Howard Stern: 1-20-06