Friday, January 20, 2006

The Buck Stops Here

This guy is one of my favorites. Something between a folk singer and rapper, a story teller and a minstrel, a poet and a preacher. I've seen him a few times over the years, from way back in the day when he was half of the Halifax based hip-hop ensemble, Sebutones. Then more recently on his "Talkin Honky Blues" tour. He has evolved from a rapper into a true poet. Buck 65 attributes his unique style to the local bingo caller, rather than a classic rap master. It would be hard to call these albums true hip hop, Buck has created something of a new genre. The first 2 are his most recent album, "This Right Here is Buck 65" is something of a remixed/reworked/replayed and has a few new tunes as well. Well it's Friday, enjoy the music and the weekend.

Buck 65 - Talkin' Honkey Blues Pt.1, Pt.2

Buck 65 - Secret House Against the World

Buck 65 - This Right Here Is...

10 Worst Movie Posters of 2005, Part One

Previously I have discussed what I believe are the ten best posters of 2005. In my discussions, I gave several reasons for loving a poster and I have just as many reasons for hating a poster. Many times I realized that if I really liked a movie I often really liked the poster; I have only seen two movies that appear on my 10 worst poster list and I actually really liked one of them so my personal biases aren’t as strong. To change things up, and to help me explain myself, I am going to put a good poster that is trying to convey the same message beside the crap poster to emphasize the crappiness that the poster exudes. Before I get to the crap posters, check out this kickass poster from

10: Ladies in Lavender

Okay, this is one of these posters that could be way higher on the list, but it’s hard to knock it because this movie is what this poster is, something made for your mother (or grandmother), and I kind of like the lavender colour (fuck off make your own list). It’s weird, this movie is almost like a disease because I despised the title as well until I started thinking about it and now I have convinced myself that it’s not bad. Obviously this poster repulses 90% of the population, and it is really hard to do anything else. That’s why I put it up against Gosford Park, a much better movie, but also a much better poster. I’m going to stop talking about this movie because next thing you know I’ll like it.

9: Bee Season

I like intelligent movies, and I like popcorn crap, what I hate is pretentious bullshit, and that’s what this poster is screaming. From looking at this poster I can make a million assumptions about this movie (none of which may be true), and they all feel clichéd. Juliette Binoche is disconnected… we can’t even get a clean look at her because of all the crap in the foreground. She is probably on prescription drugs but continues to drink despite the protestations of her family. Richard Gere is distant and cold. He can’t even make eye contact with the camera, or any member of his family. I think he has a good heart, but something needs to happen to reawaken him. The daughter’s eyes are closed so she is obviously smart. She is by far the biggest character on the poster so everybody else’s life will be affected by what she does. Fuck this poster. All I need to say about The Squid and the Whale poster is check out that tagline: “Joint Custody Blows.” They could have the exact same image as Bee Season (thankfully they do something much cooler) and it would still be a better poster.

8: The Great Raid

I really liked the Great Raid – it feels very much like a movie that was made in the 60s when war was an acceptable horror. I know that in the age of Jarhead it is really hard to sell a movie that doesn’t make war morally repugnant (and I am not talking shit about Jarhead, in fact, I probably liked Jarhead more than Great Raid). I also know that when Benjamin Bratt is your biggest star it isn’t easy to make a normal movie poster. But there is no excuse for this disgusting poster. The image is bad enough; it doesn’t look like a movie poster it looks like a military recruiting ad. But what really gets me is the tagline, which is far too long for me to type out in its entirety, and which is actually 3 taglines in one. You’ve got “The Most Daring Rescue Mission Ever”, and “The Greatest Story Never Told”, and “The Rescue Mission that Defined Our Time”; all three separately are bad, together they are an abomination. Again, check out the dual tagline on the other poster; both “The First Casualty of War is Innocence”, and “When I Die Bury Me Upside Down so the World can Kiss My…” send chills down my spine.

7: Serenity

I simply do not get Serenity. I never watched the TV show, barely watched Buffy and think that the whole thing looks like an absolute joke. I don’t know who the hell that girl is, but she looks kind of cute and kickass with that gun so I can’t really knock her (except that if she really was cute and they didn’t want me to be squinting at the computer screen trying to figure out if she was hot then they could have done something a little more overtly sexual). I hate the dude in the top corner; he looks like a cross between Charlie Sheen and Charlie Sheen’s asshole. I guess they couldn’t replace the cast of the TV show because it wasn’t popular enough to keep running on TV, but how do you expect to get a new audience with an assface like that as your leading man? I won’t even mention that ridiculous tagline which is so generic I forget it before I can even write it down, but what the hell is with the stupid words such as “Fugitive, Assassin, Rebel” splattered throughout the poster. Look at the Matrix poster – it is cheesy as well, but it feels meaner, leaner and cooler.

6: Coach Carter

My hatred for the Coach Carter poster is completely irrational. Every once in a while I see something that for some reason rubs me the wrong way and that is this poster. I have grown to hate the “world-is-moving-fast-except-for-one-man” look (I can’t think of another poster off hand that has this look, but I know that it is painfully common). I have grown to hate the “foot-on-the-basketball-give-me-respect” pose that Samuel Jackson is in. I have grown to hate the images that are on the bottom of the poster that show hate, love, power, respect, every emotion that this movie is going to make a hot-button issue. I have trouble with self-righteous Samuel Jackson as well (of course this does not include Pulp Fiction, where he was “bad-ass-motherfucking-self-righteous”). It Begins on the Streets. It Ends Here.” What the hell does that mean anyways? Check out how fucking cool Denzel is in this He Got Game poster. Furthermore, “the Father, the Son and the Holy Game” has to be one of the best taglines ever.

The Anansi Boys: Disc 6

Howard Stern: 1-19-06

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Koala Revisited

Ok guys and dolls, this is a beauty. I stumbled across this a little while ago, it's close to finding pure gold. I'm not exaggerating, I almost couldn't post this one, I kept listening to it in my dark cave muttering "Precious, oh my Precious", but I'm OK now! This is the first known recording by Kid Koala, a mix TAPE, for real from way back. Koala literally hits record on the tape deck and plays his set from start to finish. That said, this is very close to the live shows I was seeing in Montreal around the same time. It is a great example of his fun and creative approach to the tables, and unlike a lot of his later stuff the tracks on this tape are BUMPIN, as in you can shake your rump. I remember a cute girl in my residence having this tape, it was so worn down that it was practically unplayable but we still rocked it. So now it is preserved forever in digital glory, the sound quality is not amazing, it is a tape after all, but the tunes are fantastic, enjoy.

The Anansi Boys: Disc 5

Neil Gaiman - Anansi Boys Disc 5
for some reason i didn't post the first chapter of disc 4 yesterday, for anyone looking for it, ta da.
Anansi Boys Disc 4: Chapter 1

Howard Stern: 1-18-06

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ween Wednesday Pt.4

Part 4 of Ween Wednesday has arrived again, and this is probably the best post so far. Today we have two killer albums. "White Pepper" is the album I'm least familiar with, but from what I have heard I can say this, it is the most calm and normal of all the albums I have posted thus far. It stands as the one album by Ween that sounds like it was released by a normal band, no arching theme, very little crazy experimentation. Of course some of the lyrics are way out there and hilarious, and the music is fantastic as usual. I'll just say that this would be a good album to loan someone who has never heard of Ween or doesn't think they'll like them because they are too weird.
The next album, Ween's second latest release "Quebec", is probably my favorite of the discography. Within its pretty cover we find a Ween that has returned to their boundary pushing roots. The first time I heard this album was at 2am after a friends wedding, a few people came back to my house after the event including my good friend Scott the Snake and his girl. In a drunken haze I remember Scott blasting "Mr. Fancy Pants", and suddenly his girl has no shirt on...I digress. Other amazing tracks include "Happy colored Marbles" and "The Argus" a Styx-esque jam that's brilliant. Enjoy this one it is amazing.

Ween - White Pepper

Ween - Quebec

Seasonal "24" Ulcer pt.2

The following was written between 10:00pm and 11:00pm.
What an amazing couple of hours we were treated to this Monday. Being it it’s fifth season, and playing on a convention that could easily become tired and boring, this show manages to grab my attention every minute of the way, and never let go!
The Russian terrorists threatened the lives of several hostages in an attempt to prevent the signing of a Rest To Arms Treaty between Russia and the United States. You have to take them seriously you see, for they are wearing bomb vests. They mean business. They are also willing to kill men with wives. Tsk tsk.
One of my favorite aspects of this show is it’s ability to show me new ways to use technology I have in my own home. For example: Last night Jack used his camera phone to take pictures of the terrorists and send them to CTU. And you’ve been using them to send nude photos of yourself to your girlfriend. Shame on you. That is why Jack is a better person than all of us.
However, he is getting soft in his old age. The old Jack would have shot the son himself. He certainly would not have risked the lives of so many others in order for his current shag’s offspring to live. Sheesh. Come on Jack! And then to let yourself be taken into custody. I can’t be too mad about this though. At least I got to see him on his knees for the majority of the show. Moving on…
My new favorite character, the First Lady, is truly becoming my idol. She is the classiest woman on television. Here, I’ll just take this incredibly important document and slip it into my blouse. Please note my lace bra, that perfectly matches the lace on my thigh high stockings. If you got it, flaunt it. Her husband on the other hand is going to prove to be more than I can bare this season. The writers of “24” need to take note: If President Logan has another irrational outburst where is orders his assistants to “fix it”, I will loose my mind. However, if this is all a build up, to his inevitable demise, than I suppose I can tolerate another few hours of his presence.
The biggest news of the night was the addition of Sean Astin to the cast as the newly appointed leader at CTU from Division. Proving himself right away by catching,“I’m in a flank two position” (a very sexy position indeed Jack), as a distress signal. I love you Samwise, keep up the good work.
During the climax of the evening, and the moment when I literally thought I would bite my nails off all the way down to the first knuckle, CTU blows through a wall of the airport and saves the day - well the hour. I would like to take this moment to begin the official body count challenge. I play this game every year, when I decide on Monday evening if I think Jack will kill more or less people than he did the week before. In this case, I won. I anticipated that he would kill more than the one guy he killed on Sunday, and he did. He shot three men, and one of them IN THE WRIST! Did you SEE that?! I had to pause the tape and take a moment to file the image in the spank bank. Moving on…
As a closing thought: Beware the man in the yellow tie. He is not your fellow hostage - he is a terrorist himself! I just knew this whole thing was going to be about nuclear weapons. Didn’t you?
by Sassafrass

The Anansi Boys: Disc 4

Howard Stern: 1-17-06

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fast Fashion

This is definitely a desert island album, another one that I've owned several times and has been "borrowed" and repurchased too often. Depeche Mode's "101" is a definitive collection of the band's early work, and it's live! The crowd is massive, recorded at the Rose Bowl, in Pasadena, CA. It is an epic, 80's, arena event with a mass of fans just going crazy. As soon as I hear the epic futuristic intro "Pimpf" I get chills. This might just be the best live album of all time. This was one of the first cd's I owned and I listened the hell out it, so much in fact that I prefer most of these song versions to their album counterparts. "Somebody" is one of the best love songs of all time, hearing it live gives it even more power. I have to thank Frank Steel's older sisters for imprinting their musical tastes on my brain when I was growing up, not many other 12 year old kids were digging The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, etc. Enjoy this selection, it's eighties synth rock at its peak.
Depeche Mode - 101

Howard Stern: 1-16-06

The Anansi Boys: Disc 3

Monday, January 16, 2006

Howard Stern: 1-13-06

Seasonal "24" Ulcer

A feature article from Sassafrass, an avid 24 viewer and expert. I have never had a chance to watch a whole season, but I like what I've seen.The February blahs can not touch me this year, because I have Jack Bauer and the team at CTU to keep me company on those cold Monday nights. A new season of "24" began last night - in case you have been living on the moon, and missed the month long ad campaign by Fox, alerting you to the fact. With it brought some friendly faces, evil enemies and new terrorists. And what a day it is going to be!
Jack had assumed a new identity, but still looked pissed off about it, in that sexy "I'm a tortured man and only you can tame me Sass" kind of way. Which is flattering.
Within the first five minutes the beloved ex-President, David Palmer, was shot in the throat and killed! I literally had to put down my wine and cup my mouth with my hand. shocked. Then, two minutes later Michelle Dressler was blown away, and her husband (so glad those kids worked out their issues from last season), Tony Almeida, was "critically injured".I was THAT Remember folks, this is the same man who was shot in the neck two seasons ago, and kept working only two hours after surgery. He's a trooper, he's not dead. Fear not.
Within twenty-five minutes Jack was in action, hijacking a helicopter to save Chloe (who got some action from the hot new CTU agent - lucky gal!). I personally hope that this is the season that Chloe finally kicks it, but it seems unlikely as she is the only person at CTU who knows how to operate a computer. Something she's all too willing to tell you every chance she gets. And while we're thinking of CTU computer operators... Is it just me, or has Edgar been emotionally eating after the death of his mother? I'm just saying.
The following are my favorite moments from last night's two hour premiere:
1) Jack shoots the sniper who assassinated David Palmer, after a full confession. That was hot. Thank God there was a commercial after that moment, so that I could take the time to bank the image in my mental fantasy file. This moment was followed by my favorite line of the night, "The only reason you're still conscious, is because I don't want to carry you."
2) The current President, Logan, is the same irresponsible, power hungry, bastard we all know and hate. The only difference this time is that he is joined by a pill-popping, mentally unstable First Lady. It's good to see an ex-"Designing Women" star getting a shot to play crazy. I already love her. Unfortunately, this means she will likely be disposed of half-way through the season. Everyone I love dies... on 24.
3) I'm interested in the man in the TV room, who seems to be running the terrorist intelligence. Who is this man? What are his dreams? What are his ambitions? What is his favorite colour? And, why is he working with the swarmy President's assistant, when it seems clear to me that President Logan is more than capable of destroying his county all on his own.
The second episode ended with Jack obtaining an address at the Ontario Airport, and becoming the only person inside the building whom the terrorists seem unaware of. I'm sure this will prove useful to CTU. Oh yeah, his girlfriend's kid is one of the hostages too.
My ulcer is already the size of a golf-ball. Tune in tonight, it's regular night, to see the final two hours of this season's premiere...

The Anansi Boys: Disc 2