Monday, July 03, 2006

The Metric System Lives Again

Thanks to an anonymous comment I decided to put this back up.

Static Anonymity EP (2001/2002? Almost Records)

1. Grow Up And Blow Away
2. Siamese Cities
3. Down
4. Soft Rock Star
5. London Halflife

Grow Up & Blow Away (2001 – 2002; officially unreleased; Restless Records)

1. Grow Up And Blow Away
2. On The Sly
3. Torture Me
4. Fanfare
5. Parkdale
6. Raw Sugar
7. The Twist
8. Rock Me Now
9. Soft Rock Star
10. White Gold
11. Hardwire

Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (2003; Everloving)

1. I.O.U.
2. Hustle Rose
3. Succexy
4. Combat Baby
5. Calculation Theme
6. Wet Blanket
7. On A Slow Night
8. The List
9. Dead Disco
10. Love Is A Place

Live It Out (2005; Last Gang Records)

1. Empty
2. Glass Ceiling
3. Handshakes
4. Too Little Too Late
5. Poster of a Girl
6. Monster Hospital
7. Patriarch on a Vespa
8. The Police and the Private
9. Ending Start
10. Live It Out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Metric live! wah, am so jealous. Fantstic post - thanks very much for the Emily solo album, it's great.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Serbalicious said...

yes, Metric rocked, and Emily Haynes is the best!!

Loved the concert (thanks Lady Jay), but yes, the Kool Haus is so not a good venue. Especially with the stink bombs being released by our fellow concert goer .... why did he have to stand next to us!?!

can't wait to get home and listen to the albums and re-live last weekend!

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks - looking forward to listening...

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back--missed your posts.

will you bring back stern? (I hope so!)

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - just wanted to say 'thanks' for making some of the harder-to-find Metric stuff available. I missed the kool haus show (which is sorta sounding like a semi-good thing, after reading your desc. of how much the place sucks), but this new (to me) buncha tunes almost makes up for it.


12:38 PM  
Blogger BiffReagle said...

Just discovered ya site today!.. keep up the good work!!!

Check out my site sometime... ill throw ya link up soon...

Biff Reagle

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for Emily's solo album. Sad you're not posting as often, but glad I can still wander back here and find gems like this. Thanks for everything; especially the excellent comparison of Contra to Predator. Quite entertaining.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss the weekly 24 ulcers.. ;***[

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey how do I download the emily haines solo album? do I have to do it through that website?

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your site through a google search... I'm really wanting the "Grow up and Blow Away" album, it's the only one I don't have... download website is saying file not found. Is there a way you could sent it to me? I could trade a live emily haines recording I have from a few years back... or anything else (my is

Email me - thanks :]

12:38 AM  
Blogger Maddie said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about a broken link on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.



7:47 PM  

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