Monday, January 30, 2006

Virginia Rodrigues

This is an incredible album, Virginia Rodrigues' voice is not of this world, indescribable. Here is a quote from inkblot:
"Rodrígues, her mentor Caetano Veloso, and Celso Fonseca (an arranger and producer to rival Brian Wilson) have chosen popular Carnaval songs from Bahia - most of them invocations to various saints in the Afro-Brazilian candomblé religion - and recast them in classical terms. Tunes that are usually chanted to samba and afoxé rhythms by semi-literate and oppressed people suddenly reveal themselves to have the beauty and heft of mahogany, and Rodrigues' axe-sharp voice carves them into new forms of folksong sculpture."
If you appreciate vocal jazz, brazillian rythms or just beautiful, awe inspiring music... check this out.

Virginia Rodrigues - Nos


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