Friday, October 07, 2005


No OC for a while, "All-new episodes return Thursdays after baseball". I don't mind I love both OC and baseball. My girlfriend and sister?
Not so happy...

Sumomofo says: (9:50:57 AM)
I have some very bad news
Red says: (9:51:09 AM)
Sumomofo says: (9:51:14 AM)

All-new episodes return after baseball
Red says: (9:51:22 AM)
Red says: (9:51:29 AM)

all new episodes of what?
Red says: (9:51:47 AM)
Sumomofo says: (9:51:48 AM)

Red says: (9:51:54 AM)
Sumomofo says: (9:51:59 AM)

Red says: (9:52:13 AM)
no more OC until the world series is done?!?!

Sumomofo says: (9:52:53 AM)
im afraid so
Red says: (9:54:01 AM)
that's fucked
Sumomofo says: (9:54:08 AM)
in other news, go YANKEES!!!
Red says: (9:54:11 AM)
i hate sports
Sumomofo says: (9:54:14 AM)
i love you
Red says: (9:54:16 AM)

(Angry face)Sumomofo says: (9:59:23 AM)
i have some bad news
Lady Jay says: (10:00:36 AM)
Sumomofo says: (10:01:13 AM)
All new episodes return thursdays after baseball
Lady Jay says: (10:02:34 AM)
of the OC?

Lady Jay says: (10:02:40 AM)
what does that mean?
Sumomofo says: (10:03:07 AM)

yes the OC
Lady Jay says: (10:03:35 AM)
what does it MEAN!!!??? no OC for a couple weeks????

Sumomofo says: (10:03:43 AM)
yes that is what that means
Sumomofo says: (10:03:51 AM)
but you can watch the YANKEES!!
Lady Jay says: (10:04:03 AM)
(shocked face), (crying face)
Lady Jay says: (10:04:13 AM)
screw the Yankees

...MSN can be so expressive.

Where is Jon Stewart When You Need Him?

I don't mean to get all political... but why isn't this a big deal? (via Deadspin)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leafs Nation

I have begun an epic journey, a quest if you the very least it is a mildly interesting experiment. Last night I made a promise to myself. I will try, really honestly try to become a hockey fan this year. All my friends are, the entire city of Toronto is, why have I been so reluctant? I don’t hate the game, it just doesn't float my boat. I generally don't find it interesting (at best it stresses me out), I can never go to games (Leaf seats are always sold out, scalped with insane mark-ups, and filled with corporate suits) and I didn't mind the strike last year (better basketball coverage). I do think the playoffs are good because the games actually mean something, and I like drinking with my friends (just like football and baseball, which sadly most of my friends don’t watch).
This season I’m going in with an open mind, I want to learn more about the strategy of hockey (formerly an oxymoron in my mind), I want to care about the players, I want to become a Leafs fan.
Last night I began my transformation in the Leafs Nation at a rowdy sports bar on King Street. Taking it all in, I noticed some interesting things.
What I Like...
1. Hockey, specifically the Leafs, is the one sport in Toronto where you can get the entire bar’s attention, most people are dressed up and yell at the screen.
2. There is definitely a common bond amongst fans, as long as you are not wearing the other teams colors, you can talk to and probably borrow money off anyone in the bar.
3. Yesterday the A.C.C. (Leaf's stadium) had a tailgate party going all afternoon before the game. I think that is an amazing idea, definitely should be implemented for every home game this year.
Gotta get used to…
1. Hockey fans - Leafs fans can be idiots, I watched some guy in a silk shirt yell at a table of twelve for being in his regular seats, this is in the bar not the arena. Leaf fans are also completely blind to how crap their team has been for almost 40 years.
2. All the TV ads are for Hockey, Beer, and Pick-up trucks. I’m not exaggerating.
3. Female sports fans. It’s too early to make a real comment here, but I have never seen another sport that has more girls acting like jocks, wearing face paint and jerseys, and yelling sports talk.
I ended up leaving after the second period to go watch the Yankee's game a real sport, 2 out of three ain't bad and I have to admit I had a good time, I do like the vibe.
After opening night I’ve got my stick on the ice and my head up waiting for the hit. I’m ready for the season. If any hockey fan read this, here are some hockey clips to feed you.
scrambled eggs, one punch, lacrosse shot

Hoff Heaven

This is the coolest site I have ever seen

Flash Gordon

Eric Natzke is a flash genius, he definately gets all the space babes.
This video was created entirely in flash.... oh yes, for Amon Tobin no less:
Natze Black & White

...and Tokyoplastic lays the beats with:
The Drum Machine

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

OC: The Last Waltz

After countless trials and tribulations I finally managed to watch last week's episode of OC. I scrounged up some out-of-synch download, helplessly watching the audio and visual drift further apart until the greatest drama on television had morphed into a dubbed Mexican soap opera. I digress, it was still an excellent episode.
"The Last Waltz" (ep. 304) addressed a major issue I had been wondering about, how to add new blood to the OC world. I love that Marisa is in the "slum" school now, where she meets the doppelganger OC gang. Just like Seinfeld's "Bizarro Jerry" episode, in which that gang meet their twins in style and stature (note: Johnny Lewis plays "Chili", who is Seth's twin, and like Adam Brody is "Sausage Factory" Alumni). I hope this new crew hangs around for a while, I can't wait for Ryan to fight Bizarro Ryan: Ryan grabs Bizarro Ryan around the neck, Bizarro Ryan flicks his surfer hair and spits, "what's your problem rich boy?" Ryan - "You don't know me!" Boom, one punch Bizarro Ryan's on the ground, Marisa at his side, tears, to Ryan "He was trying to be my friend!" Ryan splits in his truck. Classic O.C.

1. Charlotte is an extortionist: No surprise, I knew she was evil. I was feeling more of a "Single White Female" scenario.
2. Dean Hess is Banging Taylor Townsend: Obvious from his maniacal manipulating during the school play last episode.
3. Summer is Loaded: first glimpse into Summer's house after two seasons, definately the richest kid on the block. Can't wait to meet her step-mom.

Heart Wrenching Moments:
1. Julie Cooper Nichol breaks down on the grimy bed in her flea bag motel. The writers have done an amazing job with this character. She can oscillate between a 2-dimensional she bitch and a noble and sympathetic heroine. She is in Dr. Michael Mancini territory of quality, she just has to murder somebody (or try anyway). I see Julie playing a huge role in stopping Kirsten's new whacked out friend/extortionist, Charlotte (Jeri Ryan). These two are going to go head to head at some point this season, possibly this will be Julie's first kill?
2. Dance Scene to "Forever Young". Ok so it was a cover, but you still can't match this song for expressing teenage naivete, innocence and ignorance. Is anyone else getting sentimental about this being the gang's last year at Harbour? Keep your ears perked at the end, the beautiful privledge of youth runs thick through the synthesized trumpet solo. I couldn't find the Youth Group version from the episode but here is the Alphaville original.

Things to Watch:
Dean Hess is one crusty dean. What is his agenda and where does it end? So he expels Marisa because she shot a kid. I get it, fancy school, fancy parents, teen violence, etc. He then expels Ryan at the Carnival for punching him in the head, again I get it. But why hate Summer and Seth, predudice by proximity? And then he goes out and screws Taylor Townsend, who happens to be the most annoying, and least hot girl in the school. There's no reason for that EXCEPT, she too hates Marisa and her friends. The Dean's reign of evil is going to culminate in a dramatic scene where the gang pulls off his mask to reveal he's really...The crusty old Dean, a monster, someone from the past?! Please post your theories on what this guy is all about, personally I think It's Oliver after surgery by McNamara and Troy.

Final Thought:
Was the guy who evicted Julie Cooper also Lloyd from Entourage???

Looking for Love Ladies?

If anybody is looking for love, here is your man:

Name: Vitaly
Location: Arkhangelsk
Likes: Living in a Fridge, Night
Dislikes: Summer, Daytime
Job: Telephone Sales Agent

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Urban Hunting Tips Pt.1

I mostly hunt squirrels with a Remington Model 597 .22 semi-auto rifle mounted with a Zeiss Diavari 3x9 power scope. This allows me to really hone my best hunting skills by making me to get real close to the target and wait for just the right second to shoot. I prefer this close range type of hunting for squirrels because it really gets the adrenaline going.

I also like to use a squirrel "fishing" technique taught to me by Montana McMichaels the last time I was up in Oakatokes, Alberta. I like to use this when I'm out hunting around with only my 500 S&W Magnum Compensated Hunter Revolver. This involves catching the squirrel by tying a peanut to the end of a string, then reeling them in with my left hand after they’ve bitten down, leaving my right hand free to shoot them point blank in the head.
But be warned! This technique is not for amateurs! I’ve got more than one severe injury by hunting the squirrels this way. But the injuries are always more than made up for by the excitement.

Happy squirrel hunting! ;)
by: Dean Hardcore

Evolution or Intelligent Design

One Hell of a question. An annoying one with no answer, but pertinent no less. I have noticed an unusual trend developing on this blog. There seems to be a focus on two things. God and Football. Now, you may ask, have I intentionally and intelligently fused these two seemingly diverse spheres of knowledge? Upon closer inspection the line can be drawn, there are a remarkable number of shared similarities between the church and the stadium. Congregations gather on Sunday, histories of violence, blood is sacred, cheerleaders, and most important the last-minute pleas for divine intervention. The path is there, I have to admit, but the critical commentary is purely an accident. Although I'm digging the God-ball theme it's definitely going to change. Like anything you create, no matter how strong your intentions are it's always going to evolve into something else, whether for better or worse.
Take the New York Jets for example.
The Jets sign Pennington to an eight year, 64 million dollar contract obviously shaping the team around Chad as the leader. They even sign Jay Fielder as back-up, to take the load off Chad when he's feeling rough. Suddenly, after an apocalyptic third week the Jets are left with 2 hurt shoulders (I'd kill to see Fielders Body cast again) a 25 year old QB and a 42 year old man on the bench. The team was DESIGNED to win the Super Bowl, it DEVOLVED into a shadow of it's former self.
To be fair Brooks Bollinger had a decent game for his first NFL start. Especially considering it was against one of the leagues best defenses (the vindicator Ray Lewis), and don't forget the fact that no one on earth had faith in him. If Herm had let him pass more, (every player, fan, and armchair QB KNEW the ball was going to Martin for the first half) he might have learned something. Instead he was coddled, protected, and supported by the immaculate Defense. To be fair he's not a bad QB, by the end of the game he was confident, had a few good hussles, and threw some nice passes. He'll live for another day with Jesus on his team, we must pray for a solid fifth week. Keep reaching for the sky Brooks.

For a real review of this game read this, I F'in love Boomer, always positive!